Green Family Home

Many people in NZ heard the volcano in Tonga erupt on the 14th of January this year.
I didn't.


When Banks peninsula went it must have rattled the whole world. We are now eternally grateful for the magnificent landscape.

This home is a sculptural play on that ‘cause and effect’.

Shrouded at the perimeter in a porous concrete masonry wall that is a nod to Mayan living.

Three bedrooms, two garages and a place to watch movies in the dark.

The Maya were keen astronomers and had mapped out the phases of celestial objects, especially the sun, mars, venus and the moon. Many Mayan temples had doorways and other features aligning to such celestial events.

In this home, roof Incisions above strategic parts of the home are used to work day and night to support such celestial joys. Mars and Elon Musk are big here.

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