Wood Family Home

The owners of this home have a long standing relationship with Jubilee Avenue, Devonport. A process started by reinforcing the relationship with the cityscape by siting the home on the southern edge of the site, while offering lines of sight across Jubilee Avenue up to North Head, and beyond into the sun.


The primary shape of the home evokes a poetic vessel while recalling other expressive features such as the angularity of the land, fragility of timber ships, and a critical reference to the Maori church, Rangiatea of Otaki.

Tahuhu of carved Totara talks of the Mother (west) and Father (east). Timber furniture and lights, constructed by the client and architect are a reflection of the importance of a healthy and creative family home.

The exterior of pine weatherboards and window joinery is presented to the English neighbourhood like an obedient dog without its council approved collar. The overall effect, we hope, is an alignment between the family, their neighbours and their home

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